Information for foreigners (fishing near Ljubljana and in the city centre)

Welcome to the contact centre of the Angling Club Barje (ACB). Just below the picture you may find some interesting or rather important information regarding angling in ACB waters. Need help right now? Save time by calling our support staff (+386 31 764 486) or request online help via our mail ( and we’ll connect you to an expert.

Angling Club Barje, Ljubljana - Slovenia

ACB is one of four angling clubs in Ljubljana and holds enviable tradition. It is operating since 1955 and manages around 200 acres of gorgeous waters at the doorsteps of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Which fish species inhabit waters in Ljubljana? Common carp, grass carp, pike, pike-perch, trout (rainbow, brown), grayling, huchen, chub, danube roach, perch, barbel …


ACB Rivers: Ljubljanica, Iščica, Iška, Mali graben, Škofeljski graben, Želimeljščica

ACB lakes: Krim lake, Strahomer Lake, Rakitna lake

ACB fishing licenses are available from 6 license agents. Daily licence prices vary from 10 to 20 EUR. Detailed information is available upon request.

Anglers on Ljubljanica River are allowed to use boats. A boat driver’s licence is mandatory. Maximum motor vessel length is 5 m (16.4 feet) and engine of max. 5 HP.


Lodging possibilities in Ljubljana are countless. You can choose among various hotels, hostels, camps, rooms and farm houses of all categories. More information is available here.


Tackle is available in fishing markets (shops), where you can get yourself all the necessary: lures, apparel, bait and even licences. Friendly sellers will provide you with some tips about appropriate types of fishing for a specific river or lake. Communication is in English. Best fishing shops in Ljubljana are:


Riks & Sluga

Fishing districts and fish

Ljubljanica: common carp, grass carp, pike, huchen, chub, danube roach, common nase, barbel, bream, tench, roach, common rudd, bleak, perch;

Mali graben: barbel, chub, huchen, common nase, rainbow trout, grayling;

Škofeljski graben: chub, barbel, bleak;

Želimeljščica: trout (brown, rainbow), grayling, chub;

Iščica: common carp, grass carp, pike, huchen, chub, danube roach, tench, common nase, barbel, bream, roach, common rudd, bleak, perch;

Iška: trout (rainbow, brown);

Krim lake (Krimsko jezero): common carp, grass carp, tench, pike, pike-perch, chub, roach, common rudd, perch;

Strahomer lake (Strahomersko jezero): common carp, grass carp, pike, pike-perch, bream, roach, common rudd, perch;

Rakitna lake (Jezero Rakitna): common carp, grass carp, bream, roach, common rudd, perch.

Angling techniques

Float fishing, flyfishing, spinning …